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The Port and the Fleece (Part 1)

A nd now ladies and germs, I shall weave a tale of deception, intrigue..and murder! Murder most foul, I say! THE PORT AND THE FLEECE One morning in July a few years back, Olander decided to get an early jump on the day and prepare some outstanding invoices at his office in Saint John, NB. It had been a long time since he had worked at the brewery his family had created (and still run to this day). He never cared much for working for others, instead deciding to manage his own successful firm, running in trucking and various investments. Suddenly, an unidentified person entered his office and words were exchanged. Heated words, perhaps? Talk of money and debt flew, echoing down the empty hall, bouncing and landing on nothing.  He had promised himself not to bail him out again, last time was the final straw, and no more shillings could be fed into this indebted, spending machine. And this time, the sum was triple what it was previously! With great composure and con