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Clara After Dark III

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THUMBNICKEL Franz Xaver von Schönwerth  1850's - Rural Germany A couple living in the country longed to have a child.  One day, they cried out in desperation: "We want a child, even if it's no bigger than a thumb!" And a son was born to them. He was exactly the size of a thumb, and never grew any bigger. He was named Nicholas but called Thumbnickel.  The farmer carried his son around on the brim of his hat. When he plowed the fields, he would put the little rascal into the ear of one of the oxen, where the boy could sing and dance to his heart's content.  One day, a merchant drove by and saw Thumbnickel in the ear of the ox. He turned and asked if he could buy the boy. The farmer was not interested in a deal, but the boy whispered in his ear, urging him to accept.  The merchant climbed back in with the little fellow. The farmer started running behind. Soon while the merchant was dozing off, Thumbnickel climbed through a keyhole