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Roland (draft)

ROLAND The Nazi occupation of Norway lasted five years almost to the day, from April 1940 to May 1945. In the spring of 1940, Germany had overwhelmed Norwegian military forces, which there were few of, and taken over the entire region, including Scandanavia. It is said that they beat the British by only a week or two, as Great Britain had plans to invade as well. Roland Uhlrichson was born in Murmansk, Norway in May 1946, one year from the departure of German forces from the country.  A post-war Norway was shaking off the German dust, rebuilding their country and optimistic about the future. After half a decade of life oppressed, they could finally enjoy full normalcy once again. Roland's father was killed around the time he was born and his mother was left to raise him alone. His mother didn't care much for him. Roland would recall the strange way she would sometimes peer at him; eyes slightly closed, mouth pursed, neck tight, almost a suspicion in her pale blue unblin