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Video Round-Up!

Howdy, gang! Been a while. I have no excuse for not posting, it truly is unacceptable behaviour. Yet I cannot and will not apologize, as the internet is more or less a giant ocean of ebbing and flowing information/ entertainment, endlessly accessible and delightful. But I am trying to commit to a more regular post schedule. Eh, ah-um! So no new writings are ready yet for public consumption, so it is yet another edition of Video Round-up, this one is music themed. Enjoy and come on back soon. More fun is to be had! First up, a great song from Talk Talk. Not sure where I first heard it, I am thinking it was on this stupendous channel Radio Paradise out of California. They play a really unique and excellent mix of different music from all over the world and from all over time. In regards to future music (or "FuMu" as they call it in the future) I'm not sure if they have conquered time travel as of yet. There