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View of a Scene: Dead Man

In which we discuss a deleted scene from the Jim Jarmusch movie Dead Man... Here is the scene: DIALOGUE: Conway Twill:  Anyhow, getting back to the beginning of the story, my grandaddy came over from Scotland, you see, he was actually part of the Muttwill clan, I believe the clan tartan was a kind of a gold and purple if I remember correctly, never wore one myself. Dropped the mutt part of the name when he came out west on account of he figured it'd getting him more work and all. Well, he sure was a lovely gentlemen, our grandaddy. Hey, how bout your family there, Cole? Lemme guess. Kinda figured you for a German? I mean, amiright? Am I close? Austrian? I mean it's all about stillness and motion, I mean, in the end. Stillness being a woman thing, you know? I dunno, motion being about us. Goddamnit, the hell do we know in the end anyway? All that moving about. Christ, it's all just about a home really. Stillness to you of course is never ever opening