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Mala Pelicula

Going to see a movie in a theatre is generally a pleasurable experience. Sticky floors, stale popcorn, sitting in the darkness with strangers, enjoying a piece of art. It's great, I love it, it really is the only way to properly enjoy a film. But.. things can go wrong. Horribly wrong. Last night was one such experience and it was dreadful. I have not seen The Third Man , an excellent movie from the late 40's and a wickedly good Graham Greene story, in a long time, so I was excited to see it was screening in the neighbourhood. I invited a buddy of mine to come to, as he enjoys cinema as well. In retrospect, my adulation that the theatre was showing such a classic was a mistake, I got my hopes up pretty high. But, hey, what could go wrong? Go to theatre, buy ticket, watch movie, enjoy immensely and book it. Simple. But, alas, it was not meant to be, for it was organized by some literary club or some shit, and they had a guest speaker before the screening. The speaker


Life without the internet for about a month.. it was refreshing! Taking a break, clearing the head, it's a positive jolt! Sure, I missed events, album leaks, the latest videos, TV, online banking, porno, podcasts and shows, but I also appreciated the Toronto summer a bit more, it was a kick! And it felt good to take a step back, for sure. It was getting to be a bit much, spending majority of time in front of a screen. Radiation posioning! Ok, ok! So I wasn't totally  from the net, I did have access at work, gimme a break! In 1838, in England, The People's Charter called for six basic reforms to make the political system more democratic: Every man over 21 who is not a criminal or insane should be allowed to vote. Voting should be done in secret. You do not have to be rich or own property to become an MP. All MPs should be paid for doing their job. All voting areas should be the same size. Elections should be held every year. Cutting edge, right? At th