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Live Guilt

I've seen a few terrible opening bands lately. A shitty opener.. it seems to affect a show, overall. It's true, we all pretty much came to see the main event, but when a first band is so..terrible.. it's really jarring, to transition from hot garbage to something you generally like. The origin of the word "jarring" is when a person would get angry with another person and there just happens to be a jar nearby, somebody is getting a glass jar to the face. And that's a shock to the jareee and the jarrer alike. Went to Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013 show at the mega dome Air Canada Centre.. and was blown away. Skipped the opening band, probably a wise choice, as NIN was superb. Amazing light show, performance.. for a full concert video, see HERE . Highly suggested.  Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads is one of the better concert movie experiences around.. not too many cuts, great sound, just all around tasty. Good Chicago concert