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Clara After Dark

Two of my favorite strips from Clara After Dark by Bernet.

That's a No No


Big Ass Purse

Reggie Watts - Big Purse Song (Team Coco presents...) from nicole on Vimeo .

Elis Regina 1970's TV Especiale!

Oh, VHS.. Sorry for the occasional fuzz on this one (watch the volume!), but holy shit, this special is bat-shit crazy and super 70's! Thanks, Germany and Brazil! Buckle up, we're going to Rio via Dusseldorf! *CLIPS* *COMPLETE*

Fuck Shit Stack!?

LOOSEWORLD x Waverly Films: Reggie Watts in F_CK SH_T STACK from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo .

Jazz Friday

Yes, that's right, jazz. A lot of people hate jazz. And I can fully understand that, for I once hated jazz. I'm not sure if I was just too young, just hadn't yet found the right kind of style for me or was just a bit too narrow in my youthful musical scope. Mind you, there is a huge amount of terrible jazz out there, guys. Truly awful shit. Even cows love jazz. Or maybe they are just attracted to noises, but, hey, look at 'em! It's amazing, the ability of the human body. Django Reinhardt was missing two fingers on his left hand and was still one of the most amazing guitarists ever. Action speaks louder than word so, ya know what? The less said about jazz, the better! Fuck it, it's friday, here are some videos. Django Reinhardt from Antuare Mare on Vimeo .

Technical Jargon

The philosopher Condillac observed in 1782 that "every science requires a special language because every science has its own ideas." And jargon was born! Jargon often referred to trade language used by people who spoke in different tongues to conduct business. Without it, many would not be able to conduct transactions and boost their own and others economies. Heyyy, jargon, thanks! The power of language! The Power Lovers. Do they just straight-up love power? Are they powerful lovers? Do they love the power of their twin cam engine? Do they love electricity? Who knows, maybe the book answers all my questions, but I did not take the book from my neighbour's lawn, so I'll never know.. Without jargon, this kid probably wouldn't be smoking. Because the tobacco would have never been planted, picked and sold. No fuckin' way do all the people working on a tobacco plantation have the same mother tongue. Thanks, jargon, for getting this kid addicted to nicot

Chistoso Gatos Pantolonos!

"But a group of dissident teachers unaffiliated to the National Education Workers Union filled the vacuum. Using maddening tactics, such as blocking the highway to Acapulco during the sweltering Easter holidays, they made up in headlines what they lacked in political clout. When federal police, led by a stoutly nicknamed Commander “Spartacus”, dislodged them on April 5th, many Mexicans applauded the government for showing that it would not stand for any nonsense. But the protests did not end. Since then the teachers have acquired more intimidating muscle: local “community police” and self-defence groups who patrol their mountain villages with guns, claiming the state has lost control amid a surge in drug-related violence. They have joined the teachers’ movement (naming one of their heavies “Commander Wolf”, to take on Commander Spartacus). At least twice they have used the threat of force to free dissident teachers from police detention." Dramatic stuff, yeah? It's

Potential Children!!

Ah, the macabre, the bizarre, the disturbing! Is that a person or a ghost or what, my how exciting and intriguing! Is my house haunted, just like those people on the tee veeeee? Recently, at least one US Veterans Administration building was reportedly compromised because of the crushing weight of the paper files inside, due to massive back-up of claims. This is what happened when it reached critical mass. Note: The Sonic was not damaged in said 'splosion. Fuck Wendy's. They make their fries from children, people!! Wake up and smell the soylent green! I don't know if this Coffee Time is open or closed, honestly. Ok, so Method Man can fly and Redman is tall as an Aspen pine tree. Johnny Blaze & Funk Docta should definitely try out at the next Justice League recruitment seminar, this Saturday at the Mariott convention room, right off I-9.  Yeaahhhh, ok, this is super offensive, in a few ways. Try and name all the ways

Cry Cry Cry!

Puppy PAC from docta draino on Vimeo . Emotions. What to do about all those damn pesky human emotions! I saw a woman crying on the way to work today. Not just like, allergy tears, she was full on bawling her eyes out. But it was a tragic scene laced with bold emotion and beauty, as she was quite pretty, made me wonder what had happened to make her express herself like that, in public no less. It was quite a moving scene, I'm not sure if the crying made her more attractive or what but, it really rattled me, in more ways than one. I felt some kind of obligation to comfort her, somehow, but its harder to be empathetic when you live in a city, she may have been completely insane or just forgot to take her anti-depressants to make it through her soul crushing job calling busy people to harass them to pay their damn phone bills (for the last time, fuck off, Rogers!) I've seen people crying on their way home, hell, we've all had rough days; someone close died, we'

REPENT! On your deathbed

Interesting story out of China today, gang! Zeng Li, a "content examiner" for the progressive (not sure what that actually means in China, but..) newspaper  Southern Week end , died at the age of 61, three days after retiring from his post.  I can only find history of him holding this censoring position since 2008 and, apparently, Chinese censorship has increased quite a bit in the past few years. The circumstances of his retirement are a bit cloudy, but he did write a "confessional" letter upon giving up his post at the end of March.  He stated he "woke up" and did not want to be painted as a "sinner against history". Just when he woke up seems fairly clear, as the  Southern Weekend  staff went on strike in January, protesting a complete re-write of their NewYears greeting. Their original draft " advocated constitutionalism and respect for rule of law" Pretty innocuous stuff, amirite? Supposedly, Li was not involve

Wa-hoo! Gonna set the world on fire!

Get More: : More Videos | Trailers | Movie News | New on DVD & Blu-Ray Well, hey, first day of work at my new job and already the world is being horribly affected by the tectonic shift that is me being employed. But, hey, it's always terrific to hear about flying body parts at a marathon, right? What a horrible thing to happen. Heyy-yoo, here come those horrible thoughts, I can't help thinking, if some terrorist really wanted to scare people/piss people off, why not go after the Masters Tournament? You wanna see people get angry? Bomb a golf course mid play! You don't even have to kill anyone, just blow up a huge chunk of the course and watch people lose their shit! Totally a joke this, I respect the PGA and all it's patrons! No,no.. not the 9-iron, I'm sorry! While today is a terrible day for them those people who got died and/or got hurt, it was a very good day for me. Selfish much? Started a new job, very excited, very motivated, I feel

Welcome to the Modesty Contest!

Hey Interwebs! Welcome to my new blog-o-sphere, Modesty Contest! What is it that is up?  Like most blogs, I've created this as an outlet for all the stupid, fun shit I find in my daily travels on this insane series of tubes, such as music, video, pictures, and other assorted bizarre, entertaining trash.    Hope you enjoy! If not, hey, go blow a goat!  -Alex All the best of the internet, concentrated in one shitty blog!