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…∆∆ WHIZZ CITY ∆∆…

Since the dawn of Man, we have been seeking a way to acceptably urinate in public.. That day has come, with the introduction of the most revolutionary, repulsionary interactive world of WHIZZ CITY™ Like most great ideas, the concept was spawned after a night of drinking spirits with friends. Merriment was had, shots were ingested, bladders were inflated. As we hopped between bars, an idea was posed for a video game in which the goal was to publicly micturate without getting caught. Naughty! Here's what we have compiled so far: As one of three choosable character, you start off in small-time Tinkle Town, move your way to the suburbs of Lavatoria and finally break bad in Whizz City! Hit up a Filling Station, i.e. bar, cafe or club to max out your Bladd-O-Meter™ (patent pending), then explore the region's parks, streets, back-alleys, beaches, markets and more! Each level will have a time limit and if you don't fully relieve yourself before the clock runs out.