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Sleep Olympics

Oh, man, if there was a competition in the olympics for sleeping, I would sign up most definitely. It's always been a hobby, but I think I could take it to the next level, and go pro. There would be different categories, who could fall asleep the fastest, long distance sleep (sleeping while consistently traveling), who can sleep the longest and the like.  Though I don't remember many dreams, when I do, they are usually quite jarring. It's like memories are being tapped and fed through a weird lotto ball picking machine.. ball one: fettuccine. ball two: coal mining. ball three: falling down stairs. Mash them up, see what happens.  Woah, okay, weird, like I said. Ohh, so overly dramatic!  Is it just me or is there a not too subtle Cold War, Us. vs The Commies subtext to this ad? Sheesh. Although, one day I do hope to conquer nature, fight time and colonize gravity, so.. Washed Out is dope sleeping music. It's like a slow wave.. Sci