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Washing Broken Glass

Random weird stuff from ma' brain time! So this MI6 spy guy turns up dead, stuffed in a bag in his tub at home, like two years ago. The case is still ongoing, but its been considered a murder, til' now. Now the police are saying the guy did it to himself, crawling into a bag, locking it and suffocating! Madness..sounds like a conspiracy, close the case, make it go away.. If you are not utilizing Grooveshark for your online music needs, you need to get on it ASAP. It's free, amazing, non-invasive and just all around spectacular. Pandora and other streaming sites pale in comparison. I'm not sure how the hell they are still running, as you can almost find any tune you're looking for.  I have not been paid to promote them, serious! Here is a link to my account , I highly advise you sign up and get to rockin'! Ah, the holidays, a great time to travel ! Hopefully everyone arrives safe & sound, gorges on turkey and sausage and departs once