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Forced Pilgrimage

All this talk of moving these days, let's devote some time to the act of leaving one's home! Journeys made to some place with the purpose of venerating it, in order to ask there for supernatural aid, to discharge some religious obligation.. heavy stuff! I do hope to get some discharge and aid from my new apartment.. Amanda Bynes got kicked out of her NYC apartment for allegedly tossing a bong off her balcony and smoking in the lobby. She was described by the media in all sorts of ways, from "bong throwing heathen" to "mutated celebrity stoner". Now that's not very nice! I've never tossed a bong, but I think there are worse offences out owning ferrets! This guy in Paris lived in a 17-sq ft apartment for years and was finally booted. He was paying about $400/mo! Now that is a rough go! Oh, wow, there is a website that has some priceless posts concerning..motherhood, I guess. Here's a