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PAINLESS 2/9/2012 Open on a wide shot of the jungle (Amazon) in which we see a group of native women gathering plants and roots in a clearing. They are focused on the task and do not speak to one another. Night begins to fall and they collect their goods and return to camp. The tribe is excited, it is an important day; the women begin to grind the plants between stones as the men are painted in ceremonial fashion. Five of the strongest men gather weapons (one short spear, one small knife). Drums begin to beat; The women continue to pound at the herbs, rhythmically they begin chanting along with the drums. The substance they are preparing is done. The men line up (5 men), single file to receive blessings. The greenish-black substance is applied to face, head and mouth by the women. The men chew the mash and hold it in their lower lip a la chewing tobacco. The drum beat swells and stops.

The Other Son Part II

THE OTHER SON PART II  (Link to Part I) As Abiah convalesced, he saw many things.  A mountain in flames. A sea churning with oily creatures. A goat with the head of a snake. The sky raining putrid flesh. The siren would appear and comfort him. As he writhed in his condition, she would caress his wounds.  She would whisper to him of the world as it grew and molt. Tribes were fractured and frayed, pillage and rape were rife. Humanity cried out for salvation in despair.  The siren sang and spoke of a great devotion. Not unto God, but unto love. The love of fellow earthly entities, beast and man alike. Upon the siren's breast shone a silver "T" that radiated with such strength that it burnt Abiah's eyes. As Abiah marvelled at the shining spectre, she would sing: "Joy is not the same for thee as it twas and whilst for me Love is shared by all As we rise we will fall Sweetest love, I do not go For weariness