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The Other Son

THE OTHER SON (draft) It was no ordinary birth.  Twins were highly uncommon at the time, generally resulting in death for both mother and progeny.  The holy men said it was a twin virgin birth, truly a blessing, a gift from God above.  Many discussions were had; they quickly agreed that only one child could truly be chosen, so one was sent away to live in isolation with the shepherds. Abiah never knew his origins as a child; he never questioned his keeper Sardis over this.  Sardis taught him the way of the sheep. The grazing, shearing of wool, the gentleness that the sheep's eye reflected back.  “Of all of God's creatures, Abiah, the sheep is best. It is generous to man both with fleece and with flesh,” Sardis would often remark. “But, like man with God, they require the guiding care of the shepherd” Sardis would write small poems and recite them daily to Abiah. “The Shepherd loved His little lamb, And gave it His tender care... And followed it with His l

Empty Pages (or the Holy Church of the Divide)

Speculators, di-vide! Under flags of earthly intoxication and blasphemy, we pursue the everlasting heights, spiteful of all false gods and forefathers. The Holy Church of the Divide welcomes all to the fold of confusion and constant questions. Do not feel obliged to agree with what you have learned through your life or what you may or may not learn here. To question is to Divide. Many books hold answers, but what are the questions? Why are we here. Is there a point in living. Do we even need a purpose or is the pursuit of purpose actually life? The purpose is the Divide; the division between us, man and woman, adult and child, human and beast. Every entity is different, scientifically and spiritually, hence the Divide. Yet no one person can define life. What makes us similar also shows the disparity between all things. To agree or disagree, caring not for troubles and tri-bu-la-tions; it is a paradox, ultimately and indefinitely definitive. If the purpose of many religions is t