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Deniable Plausability

Heyyy-yo, it's time for more random music time fun times. Fall is here, so why not kick loose..  Holy shit, this band Fuzz is total awesome sauce. Heavy as hell psych-garage rock, it's amaaaaazing and trippy and just so much fun. I gush over this record. I've liked this band for a while, the French duo The Dø. This is a bit more electronic than their earlier stuff, but it's quite jolly and has a great church organ, chanty, Kate Bush-esque pop thing going on. Excellent on a nice pair of headphones. Not much to say about this, other than it is amazing. But how modern is modern?       Speaking of amazing, Bahamas is great new stuff. This is a great, chill song, nice for a patio or a hammock where a squirrel hits you in the balls with a walnut last Saturday. Spooky, hard boiled stuff from Canada's own Timber Timbre. These guys do some many murder ballads, they should be arrested..for murder? Great ani

Good Work, Detective!

Police! Being a cop must be a stressful, shitty job. If movies & TV have taught us nothing, copper's lives are filled with PTSD, drugs, anger, insecurity and the like. But it's no excuse for acting like a reckless asshole with a gun, right? Hells no, it's the Police Round-up Time Fun Hour, gang! Your man Prawo Jazdy is a slippery fellow.  He's wanted for 50 different driving offences all over Ireland.  Now, Prawo was clever because every time they booked him, his driving licence had a different address.  All the cops in Ireland had a different theory about how this 'Scarlet Pimpernel' escaped the clutches of the law. Finally, the penny dropped;  Prawo Jardy is not a Hungarian name, but the Polish words for "Driving Licence". The coppers had caught 53 different Polish drivers, but thought they were dealing with the same man. Naturally, the Polish community in Ireland had a good laugh about Mr. Prawo Jazdy. In Louisiana, a yo