The Other Son Part II



As Abiah convalesced, he saw many things. 

A mountain in flames. A sea churning with oily creatures. A goat with the head of a snake. The sky raining putrid flesh.

The siren would appear and comfort him. As he writhed in his condition, she would caress his wounds. 

She would whisper to him of the world as it grew and molt. Tribes were fractured and frayed, pillage and rape were rife.

Humanity cried out for salvation in despair. 

The siren sang and spoke of a great devotion. Not unto God, but unto love. The love of fellow earthly entities, beast and man alike.

Upon the siren's breast shone a silver "T" that radiated with such strength that it burnt Abiah's eyes.

As Abiah marvelled at the shining spectre, she would sing:

"Joy is not the same for thee
as it twas and whilst for me
Love is shared by all
As we rise we will fall

Sweetest love, I do not go
For weariness of thee
Nor in hope the world can show
A better love for me

O how feeble is man's power
That if good fortune fall
Cannot add another hour
Nor a lost hour recall

Salvation has come then
All around us
Yet not so clear
As to be seen by men"

Maccah jabbed at Abiah's ribs, rousing him from his stupor. 

"Your fate, it seems, is to not die here with me, forsaken by God, in this cave of thoughts. God, in his limited wisdom, had other plans for thee, Abiah."

"Thy art healed, now you must leave this forgotten place or I shall smite thee as I smote villagers in the purge of Levinae. The blood rained from the skies, what a sight to behold! The cries of the cursed rang across the fields, shaking the barley like the wind!"

An insidious visage spread over Maccah's face, his eyes small red points in his sallow skull.

Dishevelled, terrified and naked, Abiah fled through the cave, stumbling over jagged rocks and stones towards the light. 

As Abiah burst forth from the ground, the light blinded him. 

Stupefied and unsighted, Abiah collapsed. 

It soon began to rain, soaking Abiah and quenching his thirst. 

He soon regained his vision. He knew not where he was, but the land was lush with trees and plants. 

In his hunger, he slay a reptile with a stone. He consumed it, all but the skin. 

He fashioned a loincloth with the skin and dead reeds. 

The oasis was bountiful and tranquil. Birds flew overhead, laughing at Abiah. It made him uneasy and restless. 

One night, the siren appeared and once again called to him.

"Abiah, time will not wait for thee, or any other man."

"You must leave this place in search of your calling on this earth."

Now clear and healed, Abiah struggled to ask the siren of his fate, but was transfixed by her beauty. 

The "T" shone, lighting up the night. 

The siren sang a wordless song and faded into the night. 

Abiah awoke to find himself in the desert. 

"Where had my paradise gone?" he thought "Perhaps I have gone mad?"

Even the mouth of the cave of Maccah had vanished. 

Abiah began to walk, the desert scorching his feet. 

"Maybe now God has forsaken me," he thought "Or maybe this was punishment for the lust he felt for the siren?"

Never had he felt such troubling emotions. They almost entirely consumed him as he wandered. 

After days of walking, Abiah came upon a mud hut. 

Exhausted and withered, Abiah collapsed inside, seeking refuge from the infinite sun. 

Hours later, he awoke to hear footsteps approaching. 



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