Open on a wide shot of the jungle (Amazon) in which we see a group of native women gathering plants and roots in a clearing. They are focused on the task and do not speak to one another.

Night begins to fall and they collect their goods and return to camp.

The tribe is excited, it is an important day; the women begin to grind the plants between stones as the men are painted in ceremonial fashion.

Five of the strongest men gather weapons (one short spear, one small knife). Drums begin to beat; The women continue to pound at the herbs, rhythmically they begin chanting along with the drums.

The substance they are preparing is done. The men line up (5 men), single file to receive blessings. The greenish-black substance is applied to face, head and mouth by the women. The men chew the mash and hold it in their lower lip a la chewing tobacco.

The drum beat swells and stops. The men are slowly lead out of the village by the chief. It is pitch black by now, the chief has one torch.

He leads them to a giant rock, which he begins to climbs. The 5 men encircle the rock as the chief stands up at the top of the stone. He holds the torch towards the sky and prays to himself.

He pulls a small satchel from his side and carefully pours the powder onto the torch and tosses it. It explodes mid-air, lighting up the the dark jungle, smoke fills the air.

All 5 men begin to run, all in different directions. These men do not hunt together.

We follow one man (one of the smaller of the group) into the jungle, running full speed through the darkness, branches and limbs lashing at his body. Pull out shot to reveal the expansive rain-forest area he is entering.

Daylight comes quickly as the man is stalking a wild boar through the bush. He is about to pounch, when a jungle cat jumps down from a tree, knocking him to the ground, dropping his spear. The cat slashes his back as he is getting up, blood splattering the leaves.

He rolls, but the cat is quick and bites down on his arm. With lower legs the cat slashes at his legs, tearing flesh from his thighs. The man flips the cat, but catches a claw to the face, disfiguring him. He grips his knife and stabs the cat in the stomach. Cat screams. The cat is dead, but the man is badly wounded (face has three gashes, back is ripped up, legs are scratched deeply)

He stares down at his hand, covered in blood. He does not shake or tremble. He does not feel the pain.


Cut to modern prison yard, a single inmate stands alone in the yard, smoking a cigarette. He is shifty, swaying on his feet. He looks up at the grey sky.

Guard, monologue: “Men been locking up men as long as anyone can remember. There is something inherent in some men's human nature that says we cannot follow any laws laid down by another. The wild, impulsive desire drives many to a life of imprisonment, desperation and misery.”

(cuts to unknown prisoner being initially processed into prison, loaded off bus with a few other prisoners, orange jackets, etc)

Guard, monologue: “Others are equally unlucky, and are on the other side of society. They enforce the rules, and are unable to fully realize the consequences of their actions.”

(prisoners are herded into a small area by masked guards to be transferred into the prison; they are stripped, washed, given new blue jumpers )

Guard, monologue: “The realization that there are basically two types of people in this world: those willing to follow the rules, play it safe, become complacent. Then there are those who will lie down for no man, abide by no set rules. This can be a very hard fact for some to comprehend”

(prisoners are lined up to be escorted to their cells, focusing on the one tall unknown character)

Guard, monologue: “I heard rumours the cop was coming to VIHO (prison name), but I didn't think it was a possibility. He must have pissed someone off huge if he was being shipped up here”

(doors open and the main cell area is revealed. Giant electronic locks are on each cell door. The new prisoners are led to their cells, all are silent.)

(instantly the yard is filled with other inmates, shuffling around, stretching, enjoying the outside air)

Guard, monologue: “The stink of others permeates the mind in this place; it is enough to drive one to self-afflicted brain damage- drugs, sex, pure degradation. But there is enough inflicted pain in this place to last a thousand years or more...”

(unknown prisoner led to cell by guard)

Guard #1: “You're the Kendall, yeah?”

(prisoner says nothing, staring forward at cell door)

Guard #2: “They said you're a tough bastard, heard you gutted two fish and a guard up at Pembleton?”

(guard #1 tasers prisoner; prisoner slumps into tiny cell)

Guard #1: “Enjoy your stay here at VIHO. It probably won't last long, but it sure will hurt.”

Kendall squints through the darkness of the cell; a small light overhead flickers.

(cut to outside view of prison; it is a small building completely enclosed in a dome of razor wire; the main jail area is in an underground silo, previously used to house nuclear missiles)


(cut to a fancy office, plush leather chairs, Turkish rug, liquor cabinet)

Warden Coxwell reclines in his chair behind huge mahogany desk.

Coxwell turns to the scientist sitting across from him.

Coxwell: Are the experiments yielding results?

Scientist: Well, yes, in most cases, yes. The drug appears to numb to physical attributes of pain, whilst not affecting the senses. The cocktail is most effective, but we need additional trials. The first set have been liquidated.”    


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