Dune: Orgies of Dune

Gurney Halleck was exhausted. At the behest of his master, he had spent the last two lunar cycles sweeping sietchs in the southern regions of Arrakis.

Many Sardaukar legions remained scattered across the planet, still loyal to the now dead House Harkonnen. They had clearly not received communications from their squadron leaders, alerting them to the fact that the planet was lost to the mighty House Atreides.

It was gruelling work, slaughtering those who would not kneel to Muad'Dib. The previous day he had flayed a Burseg general atop a steep mountain where no worm could reach them, amplified so that remaining stragglers could hear his screams of pain. The Burseg had been tied to a post and whipped until there was little flesh left to his back. He was then executed and disembowelled. Parts of his body were strewn about the area for remaining warriors to discover.

Gurney winced at the gruesome nature of such an act, but told himself it was but necessary to eliminate the enemies of his lord. But it was not the worst he had seen in assisting the strong Fremen in the destruction of the enemies of Dune, the planet of sand and spice.

He had seen spice crazed Fremen soldiers raping prisoners, then dismembering them and sending them staggering into the desert back to their co-horts with news of loss, both physical and position based. Gurney did not approve of such methods, but they were effective and Paul had previously warned him that such atrocities were required to cleanse the planet of dissent.

His stillsuit was covered in gore. Blood stained his face and hands, his crysknife still wet from a recently gutted Harkonnen slave who refused to acknowledge Muad'Dib power. He unbuckled his beat and tossed it aside.

Gurney removed his stillsuit slowly, separating the upper apparatus from the lower and cautiously removing the moisture collection rods from his anus and flaccid penis. As he did, he began to become aroused.

The removal had reminded him of the pleasure sietch he had accompanied young luscious Paul Atriedes to after the young prophet had conquered the known universe.


Spirits were high and the masses had already begun to celebrate. Free spice distribution had swept across the planet, sending many into ecstatic fits of sexual, and sometimes violent, delirium. Many had not had such open access to the magic spice and found themselves overwhelmed by its various powers.

The pleasure sietch was dimly lit, but Gurney could feel the bodies moving all around him, smell the hot sweat pouring off their undulating forms.

Paul removed his stillsuit in one swift motion and offered Gurney a palm full of pure spice. Gurney inhaled deeply from the pile and was shocked at the effect the uncut spice immediately had on his mind. He was still there, but his mind was elsewhere, in the near future, seeing the offspring of the countless orgies currently taking place across the planet. He was shocked to see himself as a withered old man, hands shaking as he gripped a twisted wooden root staff.

As he returned to the present, he felt his hard member being gripped and pulled towards to back of the sietch. Hands covered him, massaging and probing his entire body.

Soft fingers traced around his eyes, mouth and ears. The toes on each foot were in a wet mouth, feeling the tip of the tongue wiggle around each digit slowly. His anus was filled with a softly whirring tube, resting firmly at the perfect depth inside him.  A rod was smoothly inserted into his penis and it too gave off a slight vibration, almost in rhythm with the tube in his hind quarters. All of this happened in one smooth, sensual motion, in harmony.

A mouth then closed itself around his rigid shaft, working the head of it in a pleasing circular motion. His testicles were slathered gently in moistened spice and were tingly, slightly numb from the overwhelming effects of the drug.

The light in the sietche then rose and Gurney could see Paul smiling at him from nearby. He too was covered in writhing bodies, his every part except his head was attended to by a mix of male and female Fremen.

The men had curious red medallion breast plates that were strapped to their muscular chests by lashes of leather and little else. The women had light silver engraved bracelets and little else. Their skin shown with sweat as they had relations, relations of almost every known kind to Gurney, around the peacefully lit area, a fine perfumed smoke filling the air.

A man quickly thrust his engorged cock in and out of a shaking woman's vagina, like a sandworm diving below ground to escape rain. A woman covered another woman's butt in spice and began to lick it off, all the while flicking at her own clitoris. She was also sliding her other free hand over a slave's hard penis.

Floating above, a mutated guild navigator pleasured itself, watching the festivities from a superior angle and laughing, a sickly phlegm filled heaving as he ejaculated into a small gold bowl held by a clear slime covered slave boy. The boy was being fisted anally by a small old man, who was in turn being masturbated by a woman from Chusuk who chanted a song in Chakobsa, the magnetic language. This form of speaking caused all her around her to tremble in an orgasmic fury. She spoke the words of Canto and Respondu, an invocation rite that resulted in their collective release of passions, her heavy breasts heaving with every note. The heights of the screams rose and fell in a seductive pattern.

A bald Bene Gesserit priestess balanced nude atop a flaming pillar as a tall woman kneeled at her feet rang her tongue continuously from the priestess's navel down and back towards her ass hole. Her perfect long leg stuck straight out, exquisite in it's form and pose. It shone in the darkness, slick with sweat and juice of ripened fruits. A clear bejewelled high-stemmed glass filled with wine rested neatly in her one hand. Her other hand was manipulating the persons around her, changing time, nimbly editing out negative parts and feelings of that person's life, leaving only joyous ones. A therapeutic robbery, in a way. It was for "healing purposes" according to these bizarre space witches, but also felt slightly unethical, like the propaganda corps that every leader keeps. Eliminating the negative, to illuminate only the positive. And what of the memories? Where do they go...if anywhere?

Gurney was disturbed by such thoughts, but continued to peer around the smoke filled room. He pushed himself off the sheen of frames and found before him a busty Fremen woman with dimples gesturing to him to fill her hind quarters with his spear.

Gurney smiled and glanced at a courtesan holding a bowl of spice. Gurney then scooped some spice and applied it liberally to his strong member. He then placed his red with spice tip on the outside of her warm labia. He slid it up and down the lips, covering her with warm spice. Then he entered her in a swift motion, pumping himself into her. She screamed out and he grabbed her throat, pulling back her neck. He felt violence rising in him and had to ward off the flashbacks of the recent weeks. She cried out as he thrust against her. She wrapped her arms around Gurney's waist and dug her long sharpened fingernails into Gurney's ass cheeks, balls flapping as he pounded her, both grunting as they merged together through time.

It was rare to have a collective hallucination of the future, but with all the spice flowing around and in them, anything was possible. Gurney and the woman saw a vision of the woman fellating a dark horse near a dusty outpost of the Rimwall. Gurney was atop the horse, masturbating vigourously.

As they returned to the present, Gurney let out a yell, cocked his head back towards to sky and came. The seed was absorbed by her quickly as Gurney pulled out, it shot across her back and down her thick legs. He loosened his grip on her neck, then as she sighed in relief he tightened once again and pushed her face into a bowl of wine. She had the ruh-spirit, she could sense his every movement as he held her face into the red liquid. She gurgled and swung her fist back, connecting with Gurney's nutsack, causing him to spurt additional semen from his rigid cock into the face of a nearby groaning slave girl. Gurney let go and she fell off the ledge, screaming as she hit the soft ground and was immediately surrounded by three men who swiftly began to fill her every hole.

Gurney laughed and reached for a nearby bottle of Sapho, a barrier root drink usually used only by Mentats, but apparently was in wide availability at this festival. It was considered dangerous, as it could cause bizarrely mutations such as stained lips and protruding eyebrows. Other degenerative diseases could then follow but the Mentats were a secretive bunch and did not discuss such consequences for using the Sapho regularly. He slurped at the vial greedily.

A lanky, hairy Sandwalker rose out of a nearby pile and looked Gurney square in the eye.

"You have been touched by Muad'Dib. I can see it on you." he said.

"Ah, you are an observant one. Care to dance?" Gurney said, raising an eyebrow.

The Sandwalker nodded slightly and knelt before him. Gurney slid his sticky palm over the Sandwalker's forehead gently and then gripped him by the front his his hair, pushing his face onto Gurney's crotch. The Sandwalker worked Gurney's prick into his mouth. He looked up at Gurney and communicated telepathically that he wanted to remove Gurney's penis rod. Gurney smiled and blinked a yes, and the Sandwalker nimbly pulled the tube from his rock hard dick, then spit it on the floor. An immense wave of satisfaction shot through Gurney's body, from the front of his skull to the tip of his sandworm.

The Sandwalker continued to suck at him, while Gurney spied Paul across from him being masturbated by a slave boy while his ass was being prodded with a gigantic, black spice covered phallus by a hairy woman who cackled and danced as she penetrated the Muad'Dib.

Paul smiled and whipped the boy across the mouth and then leaned down to whisper to him. The boy nodded and Paul grabbed the boy's genitals firmly and ripped them off. The boy screamed in pain as blood shot out across the floor. Paul had a mad look in his eye and was grinning maniacally as he tossed the ripped flesh onto the floor casually. Gurney looked on, horrified but still erect.

A priestess knelt next to the boy and moved her hand over him, chanting something in the Maula slave language, Gurney could not hear.

The boy stopped screaming and rose, perfectly restored to his former self, genitals intact.

Paul screamed in amusement and waved his arms happily.

"We can never die, Gurney. We are now forever with this power!" Paul said, grinning and shaking his head.

Gurney nodded and smiled in agreement, now pushing his cock further into a Shadout woman who was dressed up in costume as a little maker. She howled in delight as he pulled back her silver hair and pushed in further. She cried out "Sayyadina! Sayyadine!" over and over as he slammed her against the velvet covered pillar near the middle of the room.

"Yes, Paul, Muad'Dib, forever-r-r-r!" Gurney screamed as he pumped jism into the writhing small Shadout woman.

A slave boy was administering Semuta drops, which were highly intoxicating due to the elacca wood burnings in them. Gurney and Paul gladly took them without delay.

Both of their frames began to vibrate in a soft way. It was like feeling the bass of a drum beat in the distance. A low humming filled their chests and then their heads. Gurney immediately ejaculated thick ropes of slime on Paul's feet.

Paul laughed heartily and slapped Gurney on the back, and then Paul came, shooting a large splat across the face of a surprised woman who was screaming "Soo-soo-sook!" like a mad water seller in the markets of Arrakeen.

Gurney had thrown the Shadout woman to the horde and made his way towards Paul. They smiled at one another and hugged, both going limper as the moments passed.

It was if they had been there for hours, but in reality, very little time had passed. Gurney nodded to Paul and asked if he wanted to hear some baliset music. Paul agreed with an exhausted smile and said that would be wonderful.

Gurney rosined up his fingers and sat cross legged, his drying member flopping on the floor. He played a sweet lullaby song, as the chorus of sighs of love and the cries of ecstasy rang out through the warm sietche.


"Ah, but that was just one of the great orgies of this planet Arrakis, this planet Dune!" Gurney thought to himself  and shrugged, tossing aside his disgusting stillsuit.


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